Posted: 10/30/2014

Fellow TORCS members: In an effort to improve and expand our TORCS series, we have determined the need for a TORCS Advisory Board. This Advisory Board would meet four times per year, beginning January 2015. The intent of the Advisory Board, and its meetings, would be to develop ideas that could possibly be implemented into the series that would enhance the experience of our racers, their families, friends, and spectators, as well as all our property owners. Our series has been operating under a similar format for many years now, and as with most organizations, it is always wise to review activities, and reflect on whether certain changes could serve to improve the TORCS experience. Jackie and I plan to continue operating the TORCS series for years to come, but we truly believe that it is time to have a more formalized way of hearing from our race participants, and others, who may have ideas that could help us grow and improve the series. As a first step in this process, we would like to begin developing our Advisory Board by seeking volunteers who would like to serve. We think an initial group of 12 to 15 volunteers would be about the right size. We would like the board to include a good cross section of members that could represent the majority of their cohorts within the TORCS family. For example, we would like to have a couple of pro level racers, A/B level racers, Novice racers, and especially some of the Dads and Moms out there who bring their young kids out to the races. Without the kids, we would not have a sustainable series! We would also welcome volunteers who may bring sales and marketing experience that could possibly help us bring more racer and fan participation to the series. Please pass this information along to as many people as possible. We will also post this in the news section of For those who would like to volunteer, please email me at We will try to accommodate as many initial volunteers as possible, but if we get more than enough, we will determine the final number based on the above cross section I described. A meeting date and location will be announced as soon as we have the Advisory Board completed. The results of our first meeting should inform us as to the direction we should take with this Advisory Board. I sincerely hope that it gives a voice to our entire TORCS family, adds value to all participants, and makes the series even more successful in the future!

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