Posted: 6/11/2009

On Line Pre Entry for round 7 at Freestone will be closing Wednesday 6/17 at noon. I stronly suggest all TORCS members pre enter for this race. Everyone that pre enters will also be pre entered with TORN, we will have your TORN transponder pre programed and ready to go. This will save you and us a tremendous amount of time in sign up. If you are not already a TORCS member you do not need to pre enter, you can join and enter for the race at the race. If you are a TORCS member and have never pre entered and do not know your TORCS ID or Transponder number just leave those fields blank, I will complete your entry for you. If you don't want to pre enter please allow enough time for you to enter with both series. Also, there will be a $25 deposit for the TORN transponders. On Line Pre entry racers, we will use your pre entry credit card for your TORN transponder deposit. Your card will only be charged if you do not bring the TORN transponder back.

Tel: 512.632.2369


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